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My song

Talking to my friends in real,
I guess that is just a dream.
Do not know when I can appear
outdoor without a mask, but with a gleam
Locked in my room,
looking at the screen all day,
doing for school,
well they say:
We have to be patient,
we have to wait.
Obey the rules in every single way.
Everything comes eventually, so HEY,
next year will maybe go away.
This situation made me see,
that socializing is a part of me.
Without it I am just like a puzzle with a missing piece,
I am incomplete.
But they say:
We have to be patient,
we have to wait.
Obey the rules in every single way.
Everything comes eventually, so HEY,
next year will maybe go away.
                                                    Taja P., 8. a

The Candy Cane Mystery #1

… Someone stole the stripes from all of the candy canes. But who? …

Why does the clock run so fast in the morning? I love lying in bed and thinking about all the things I would love to do with friends. I’m Daniel Cooper and I’m eleven years old. I am a happy, kind and playful guy with a lot of friends. I live in Candyland – yes, you probably figured out that I’m not human … I’m an elf, just like everyone in town. Our city is special and we have something that every child dreams of. Our rivers are made of chocolate, the trees are made of sugar, and it rains coloured sprinkles.

We’re just at our favourite time of year, Christmas. We all decorate the city and sing holiday songs, as a competition for the most beautifully landscaped city takes place tomorrow afternoon. Our favourite decorations are red-and-white candy canes, which we use to brighten up the whole city. Because the candy canes are magical and they give city colours and happiness, we watch them carefully. When I got out of bed the morning before Christmas I saw snow through the window. In an instant, I got dressed, called my friends, and headed out. We met the mayor in the main square. He asked us if we could take away the boxes of candy canes and take them to the woods, to my grandmother, who was a witch and could protect them with a protective spell. Ruby, Erick, Marcel, Mark and Hayley went with me. Because of the snow, we walked carefully and slowly. Along the way, we joked and told different stories. After about an hour of walking, we came to Grandma’s house. She offered us cookies and warm cocoa. When we warmed up, we headed towards home. As we entered through the enchanted gate into the city I was surrounded by a strange feeling, the streets were empty, the lights were turned off and the sugar trees were no longer coloured … the city lost all colours and its magical spirit the day before Christmas and competition. We ran to the mayor and asked him what had happened. He told us that my grandmother called him that the magic candy canes had lost their magic colour stripes. It was not clear to any of us how something like this could have happened, because everyone loves Christmas and colours. Someone stole the stripes from all of the candy canes. But who? We promised the mayor we would find the stripes and bring colour and happiness back to the city. Before we set out in search, the mayor revealed a secret that only he and my grandmother knew about. The mayor has an evil older brother Luciano who is a very powerful wizard. He told us that twelve years ago, my grandmother had magically banished him from the city because of his evils, and Lucian then promised to take revenge and take away the city’s happiness. Everything the mayor told us was of great help to us in starting the research. We learned even the most important thing for our mission, where Lucian lives. He has his castle at the highest point outside the city on a Dark mountain. Because we wanted to save the city before Christmas and the competition we had exactly one day. We all quickly ran home, changed clothes and took a few things because we didn’t know what to expect on the way. In half an hour, we met in front of my house and set off for an unknown rescue of the town. First, we went to my grandmother’s house where we wanted to ask her a few things about the magic Lucian uses, but when we got there, the grandmother was nowhere to be found, I tried to call her but she had the phone at home. A few moments later, it dawned on me that when Lucian took the lines from the magic candy canes, he also kidnapped my grandmother. Erick and Marcel had magic powder in their backpacks, which elfs use to search for their belongings because we have a bad memory. They sprinkled it on Grandma’s house and waited a few moments for a clue to show us. We waited and waited but the trail didn’t show up. We were all looking around and all of a sudden, Hayley saw a book that was illuminated by a strange blue light. As we approached her, she flew off the shelf and opened up. When I saw her, she seemed very familiar to me and when Ruby started reading, I was drawn to her. This book was my grandma reading to me when I was little, but I didn’t know that everything inside was real. We devoted ourselves to reading. We read each page carefully and slowly, and Mark wrote down the important things. I didn’t understand many things, but fortunately Hayley was with us, who loves to read and get to know magic books. While reading, we learned how we can get back my grandmother, the coloured lines, and get rid of Luciano once and for all. All we needed was a magic sword that would take away his magical powers. Time went by very fast and we only had a good ten hours left, so we had to hurry. We have discovered that in addition to the sword, only the power of the six elves, united by courage and friendship, can defeat him. Ruby told us that her aunt once told her that one day the six of us would one day save the city. Of course at the time, she found it funny and unimportant, but as we sat in my grandmother’s living room, it all made more sense. We looked at each other and carefully pulled away from the book. It was not clear to us how the book could have known exactly what we were looking for, or who we were at all. Obviously, we’re going to have to let go of chance and try our best to do everything as it says in the book and help the city. We headed to the castle. After some time of strenuous and unfamiliar walking, we came to a forest, it was dark and scary, there was no one around, we didn’t see any animals either, and the snow covered all the paths. But we continued on our way. In the middle of the forest we saw a large, bushy and mighty tree. We found it strange as it had all the bright green leaves in the middle of winter. As we wanted to pass, his branches stopped us and on his old thick trunk, eyes and mouth appeared. Everyone except Eric was terrified. After a few moments, Erick started telling us everything he knew about such magical trees, but he thought they were just myths. Suddenly the tree shook and began to tell us its story of what had happened to it. This tree was, in fact, an innocent boy that Lucian got while walking through the woods and enchanted him into a tree because he accidentally bumped into him. He told us that he knew why we were here and that he wanted to help us. He confided in us that in his trunk, lies the magic sword we had read about. If we wanted to get to the trunk, we had to say the magic words together. After a few moments we found ourselves in a large but dark room, only in the middle was a glowing sword. We ran to him and pulled him out of the huge rock into which he was stuck. Suddenly it exploded like lightning and we were already standing again standing in front of a tree with a sword in our hand. If we take Lucian’s power with the sword and drag him into the vicious world of the sword, the boy’s curse will also be nullified. Since we ran out of time, I had to continue on my way quickly with friends. We thanked the boy and promised to save him. We spent the last hour of the walk on the forgings of the plan. I, Hayley and Marcel are going to go find the room where Lucian is and distract him, while Ruby, Erick, and Mark will go around the castle and see where my grandmother is. The plan was almost perfect; all we had left was the question, “How are we going to distract Luciano?” I came up with an idea. When I was little, my grandmother used to tell me about witch chess, which no wizard can resist. Friends agreed with the idea of chess, “But who will play chess with Lucian?” Marcel offered, as his grandfather taught him to play magic chess when he was little. The plan was perfect, everyone knew what he had to do. When we wanted to enter the castle, we could not enter. The door was closed with magic and none of us was a wizard to be able to open it. As we approached the door, a book flew in from Eric’s backpack and opened. When we looked at what she had shown us, we learned how we can open the door without magical powers. We had to hold hands and put one hand on the door, when we did we uttered the magic words “Pesmatos openados now”. And who would have thought the door miraculously opened. “Was it Christmas magic?” At the entrance, we parted, the three of us went up the hall, and Ruby, Erick, and Mark went up the stairs to the basement. After wandering up and down the hallways for a while and all of a sudden, we found ourselves in front of a large door. Lucian had to be inside. When we opened it, he looked very surprised, he almost looked as if he were scared of us, but when I think about it, he was probably just surprised because we were able to get into the castle. And when he had almost enchanted us with his magical powers, we quickly offered him a game of magic chess, as my grandmother said, he could not resist. He conjured up a game board and figurines and the game could begin. Marcel tried to play as slowly as possible, and meanwhile Hayley noticed something next to Luciano’s chair – a closed glass with coloured glowing stripes, and the lines were made of sugar magic wands. The game was almost over, the room was getting more and more tense, “Just where are Ruby, Mark and Erick?” Just before the game was over, they ran into the room with Grandma, I breathed a sigh of relief. Lucian stopped playing in an instant and figured out what our plan was. When I turned to chess, it was gone, and the jar of stripes disappeared. Lucian was standing in the middle of the room and suddenly the sunny, snowy weather turned dark and rainy. We could easily see lightning shots across the sky, the wind was closing and opening the windows, we knew it was true now. We saw hatred and violence in Lucian’s eyes. We were scared, but luckily, we knew how we could overcome it. We all grabbed the hilt of the sword and aimed it at Lucian, and all of a sudden, a strong blue light flashed from the sword, while Lucian was on the other side of the room, directing all his strength at us. Our blue light and Luciano’s green started to make contact in the middle, Grandma helped us with her strength and so we were able to be one-step closer to Luciano’s defeat. As his strength began to wane, he also became weaker. I was scared, but at the same time I felt that it would soon be over and that we would win. And who would have thought after a long and arduous fight, with a lot of lightning, even the room was completely destroyed by the shots. When the smoke subsided and the fire went out, we saw Luciano lying on the floor, dragging him into a magical world from which he could not escape. Unfortunately, one of us was not strong enough to fight, my grandmother was weak due to age and I did not know that this struggle would torment her to death. When I ran for the jar with the stripes, Grandma was gone; she turned into a beautiful butterfly. I was very sad and at the same time, I knew that my grandmother would come and visit me several times. My friends and I took a glass of stripes and headed back towards the city. When we returned the tree was gone, the curse was nullified, and we were interested in the boundaries of where the boy had gone when he changed back. We walked and walked, and meanwhile told each other stories about our experience. The competition had already started and the judges were already almost in Candyland, so we had to hurry. When we entered the city, all the towns people were already waiting for us. We ran to the mayor and handed him a glass with coloured stripes. When he opened it, the colours flew out and joined the candy canes. When they got together it flashed and PUFF everything around us was colourful again, the place was happy and it had a wonderful Christmas spirit again. When my friends and I ran to the main square, we saw a new statue. Six butterflies were staged, it staged me, friends and my grandmother, I was very happy and proud. In the crowd of all the people I saw a boy I had not yet been in the city, he was a boy enchanted in a tree. He ran to us and thanked us. Candyland won the competition, the magic wands were safe again, Lucian was gone, and my grandmother was remembered by all of us as one of the heroines. Who would have thought that six elves and an old witch could save an entire city, right? My friends and I will remember this adventure for a long time, but who knows; maybe something else will happen to us.

Lana Đ., 8. a

Diellza H., 6.a

The Candy Cane Mystery #2

… Someone stole the stripes from all of the candy canes. But who? …

Someone stole the stripes from all candy canes. But who? Was it the girl from the neighbourhood or maybe her best friends Hayley and Elena? No one knows but we are going to find out.

The next day, we were searching for some clues, but we didn’t find any because whoever did this, is a very good »criminal«. Well, not that good as he or she left a teddy bear in the sweets shop, so we immediately knew who stole the stripes. The teddy bear’s name was Mrs. Cuddles and the only girl in Mystics falls with a teddy bear whose name is Mrs. Cuddles is Bonnie Bennett, the girl from the neighbourhood.

We went to confront her about the stripes, but she denied that she did it, she in fact said that the bear wasn’t hers anymore and that she gave him to her friend Damon Salvatore. And it turned out, she wasn’t lying, she really did give the bear to him. He (Damon) didn’t deny stealing the stripes because he did steal them, but he returned them, and he wished a merry Christmas to all of us. Damon, Bonnie, Hayley and Elena hosted a new years’ party, and it was great. Things like that don’t happen often here in Mystic Falls so it was quite an interesting day for all of us. We didn’t thank Damon but we, definitely all thought about it.

Melisa K., 8. b

Seasonal scrabble

Lana M., 7. b

Cristmas Dinner

Tinkara P., 9. a


Adela S., 7. a
Manja P., 6. c
Eon M., 8. a
Daris K., 8. a
Nea K., 9. b
Ema J., 8. b
Liona Ž., 7. a
Lara L., 9. b
Luka D., 9. a
Neja M., 9. b
Luka K., 9. a
Armin S., 8. b
Sara K., 8. a
Max Mark K., 7. a

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